Thursday, September 2, 2010

5D Smart Update - 9.1

As often happens right after a major software release, an update follows quickly to fix last minute issues that pop up after the program discs have been finalized and sent off for duplication.

PFAFF has released the 5D Embroidery 9.1 patch via Smart Update. The update process runs a little differently than previous versions of the Embroidery Suite, so we've taken screen shots to show you how it goes...

To run Smart Update, you click the 5D Configure icon  from any of the 5D Modules - this will open the 5D Configure dialog box. From here, click the Smart Update button...

(just click it once - if you double-click, it'll try to run the update process twice and you could get an error message.)

This'll run the Smart Update and go check for updates to install.

Enter the Email address and password you used to register the software, then click Next.

Smart Update will check your system and display any available updates. You can check the boxes to select or de-select updates, then click Next.

Smart Update will begin downloading and installing your updates...

You'll get a dialog box so you can proceed with the Update, or Cancel...

If you proceed, it'll display a progress bar as it installs the update...

...and a Completion dialog box when the update has finished.

So, what's in this 9.1 update?:

For starters, it's fixed some little bugs we've noticed and added some nice features:

- Added the ability to create a running stitch of .3 mm - a tiny little running stitch that will be useful for creating designs for the Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit. Previously, you could only go down to 1 mm.

- Added the Inspira CutWork Needles as a Thread Range, so you can assign your tiny running stitch to a particular needle color, so it'll pop up on the screen to insert that needle for cutting that line.

- Over 100 new stitch motifs have been added to the Motif tab. These are Viking and PFAFF machine stitches that had previously been unavailable in the software. The PFAFF and Viking stitch motifs have been reorganized to follow the same numbering schemes used on the Creative Vision and Designer Diamond machines.

A complete list of updates is included in the 5D Embroidery System folder inside the Readme subfolder. Copy and paste this path into your Windows Explorer and it'll display the Readme file:

C:\Program Files\VSMSoftware\5DEmbroidery\Readme\5DEmbroiderySystemReadme9_1.rtf


We heard back that someone received an Error1641 message after running the update, so I contacted Software Support. They are aware of the message and looking into it.

If this happens, just launch 5D, then under the Help menu, select "About 5D Embroidery..."

If it lists version, you are all set. If not, just rerun the Smart Update.


  1. Great! I really like the 5D upgrade. It seems to flow better than the 4D version. I might even leave another sw package I've used for a decade and start to use this program more often.



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