Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PFAFF Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit

Last week, we were at PFAFF Convention in Minneapolis. One of the new products they introduced was the Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit. It's a set of four needles with cutting points that are used with special embroidery designs. These needles cut the fabric, so you can do intricate cutwork designs without having to trim out the tiny areas with scissors. Here's a YouTube video we made to show how it works:

I shot these video clips while I was in class learning how to use the needles. At each step, I'd start the machine running, then grab the camera and shoot another clip. Then that night in the hotel room, we edited them together, recorded the voiceover track, posted it to YouTube, and sent out an email link. I think we were up until 2 a.m. working on the silly thing.

We were surprised by how many times it's been viewed - apparently, other PFAFF dealers have sent the link to their customers, so while it's not quite gone viral, it's pretty exciting to see it being viewed by so many people...literally all over the world. We keep compulsively checking every day to see how many have viewed it!


  1. Thanks for the demo on the cutwork needles - and I love the idea of reverse applique as well.

  2. Very cool..Can't wait to play with this new "toy".

  3. i know you said its for the pfaff machine but would it fit on other embroidery machines? and can you use out cut work designs or only yours?

  4. If your embroidery machine uses standard sized needles, they should fit. If it will sew without thread, then they'll work. The cutwork designs have to be digitized to use the Cutwork Needles, otherwise, it won't cut them. In all cutwork designs, a cutting line is stitched for you to trim with scissors. With designs created for the Cutwork Needles, a "cutting" stitch line is laid out for the embroidery machine to sew using a .3mm stitch length. This tiny stitch length, combined with the cutting point on the needle shaft is what allows it to "cut" out the pieces.

  5. Are the needles available separately from the kit? The kit is a bit pricey.


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