Sunday, August 15, 2010

Precise Positioning on the PFAFF 2170

We practiced Precise Positioning on the PFAFF 2170 embroidery machine today - good thing, since we are teaching a class on it next week!

(If you're new to machine embroidery, Precise Positioning is the process used on PFAFF embroidery machines to position a design exactly where you want it to go on a garment or project. It's perfect for aligning multiple designs and making big designs from multiple hoopings.)

I think we'd psyched ourselves out about it and thought that doing it on the 2170 was going to be much harder than it actually was. We use that feature all the time on the Creative Vision, but had never done it on the 2170. Anyway, we figured it all out and we've developed several practice exercises and written a Quick Reference card for the students, so all the prep work is done. Now we just have to print the handouts and pack the equipment and we'll be ready to go.

We taught two full classes on Precise Positioning on the PFAFF Creative Vision last month and they went great. When everyone arrived, we were very upfront saying "You will NOT leave this class with any sort of a project" - it's strictly a hands-on session practicing the skills of drawing a dot on the fabric, then placing a design exactly on that target. Then repeating it over and over...probably 15 to 20 times by the end of the session.

Here's what everyone left with: lots of running-stitch positioning exercises. Aligning the two applique puzzle pieces was the "final-exam".

Everyone responded very well to the class - there were some definite "light-bulb" moments as the concept clicked. Best thing - Eleanor, one of our students came to software class the following week with a beautiful block with four puzzle pieces perfectly aligned! We love her applique fabric choices:

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  1. Don & Phil, do you have any documentation you can share? I know this it old, but I have a 2170 and would love to know how to use this technique. Many thanks! - Meg


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